We recommend following program for deworming and vaccinations that we use for our dogs. This is one of many possible programs for treatment of dog in it's first year of life. Consult your veterinarian for program you'll use. This program can be modified.
3 weeks oldfirst deworming (Drontal puppy)
5 weeks oldsecond deworming (Drontal puppy)
7 weeks oldthird deworming (Drontal puppy)
7 weeks old + one dayfirst vaccine (Pfizer - Vanguard plus + Leptospirosis )
10 weeks olddeworming (Drontal plus or Prazinon plus)
10 weeks old + one daysecond vaccine (Pfizer - Vanguard plus + Leptospirosis )
13 weeks old
(not before 3 months old)
deworming (Drontal plus or Prazinon plus)
13 weeks old + 1 day
(not before 3 months old)
rabies vaccine (Defensor 3 or Rabikal)
16 weeks olddeworming (Drontal plus or Prazinon plus)
16 weeks old + one daylast vaccine (Pfizer - Vanguard plus + Leptospirosis )
22 weeks olddeworming (Drontal plus or Prazinon plus)
28 weeks olddeworming (Drontal plus or Prazinon plus)

In Croatia dogs should be vaccinated once a year for rabies and it's also recommendation to repeat vaccine for other diseases yearly. Dogs should be dewormed at least once in 6 months period, specially few days before vaccination.

In their first few months of age we use herbal (natural) products for treating puppies against external parasites. After that we combine Advantix and Frontline products when needed.

Exporting puppies from Croatia to most of the countries is possible before puppies are 3 months old. Following will be asked to cross a border with a puppy depending of puppy age:
  • pet passport issued by certified veterinarian filled in correctly (part I, II, III and IV in the passport)
  • microchipped puppy with corresponding number of microchip in passport (part III in the passport)
  • first vaccination (depending of puppy age - one or two) (part IX in the passport)
  • proof that puppy was dewormed (part VII in the passport)
  • legislation by certified veterinarian that animal is in good health and able to withstand carriage to its destination (part X and XI in the passport)
Some countries don't allow import from Croatia before puppies are treated for rabies. 21 days should pass after rabies vaccine before puppy is allowed to cross a border. Other countries set special conditions for import. For example: titer for rabies' antibodies or quarantine. You should check your country import rules before getting a puppy.

When puppies open their eyes and teeth start to grow we start with complement feeding of the puppies. In first month of their life whelping of the puppies is intensive. In next month mother slowly reduces feeding of her puppies. Following that natural pattern we increase feeding of the puppies.

In our kennel we feed puppies (and grown up dogs) with:
  • Nekmar diet food according to age and needs of each dog/puppy
  • puppies get their Nekmar food served softened in puppy milk
  • some of the meals are B.A.R.F. - beef meat (mostly tripes (paunch, rumen))
  • in contact with people puppies and dogs get various treats
  • occasionally puppies/dogs get eggs, olive oil, salmon oil, yoghurt or other natural products
When leaving to new homes puppies get samples of products above in dose for first few days in new homes.

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