Vala Liburna is not a commercial tornjak kennel. We base our breeding on love toward dogs and the breed. Our dogs live with us, in our house, yard, room. They travel with us, they spend vacations with us. We don't keep our dogs in crates and we don't have large number of dogs in our home. Part of the dogs live with co-owners and in arrangements with people that have them as pets.
     We show our dogs regularly, for fun, friends, dog socialization, presentation of our breeding and comparison with other dogs in the breed.
     Our dogs are under regular veterinary control. Dogs that are used in breeding have their hips x-rayed, and most of them even elbows. Part of the dogs in our kennel have their DNA profile made so parenthood can be proved to their progeny.
    We feed our dogs with combination of natural food and superpremium dog food.
    Every Vala Liburna litter is bred because of faith that particular combination can contribute to the breed and breeding. We look for a good, loving homes for our puppies. We look for homes for all dog's life with people that are aware of potential difficulties of having tornjak but also all beautiful traits and moments that they will for sure have with them. Feedback about health and temperament of our puppies is highly important to us. When we think that puppy has a potential we look for the owners that will show the dog and make all necessary for the responsible breeding or make an arrangement with us to do the same. Tornjaks are our native breed and it is on us to take care of it.

The view at the blue sea, green hills and small red roofs in the distance… the scent of aromatic herbs… the sounds of birds singing and chirping… and my tornjaks close to me…Ok, not literally close to me, because the two of them simply must investigate everything in sight. Despite that, each of our walks is special in its own way: long walks on sunny days, short walks on mooonilt nights, plays on the meadow... I'm grateful to them for all the positive energy I got from them, new friends we met together.

My companionship with tornjaks began accidentally, after my family and I decided to get a new dog after we lost our 14 years old mongrel Masha. We found ourselves in someone's back yard, surrounded with 9 tornjak puppies, and left for home with our Vala. From the beginning, she was special in her own way. Her smart stare studied and read us, her plump figure, her way of meeting and facing the world fascinated us. Vala grew up, and with her, I began to learn more about the breed and about other people in love with this wonderful dogs. Vala is probably far away from the perfect example of the breed, but she is definitely special for me and many people she befriended and acquainted, she is my intro to tornjak breed, my joy and happiness. That is the main reason why my kennel carries her name.

Lyra, no less special wonder, brought happiness and smiles on the faces who needed them most at the time Lyra arrived in our life. Memories of that sweet little pup, joined with Vala, sharpei Debeli and a little girl Lena filling summer afternoons with joy, shall live forever.

Bura came with intent to spend a few days with us, before she is to be placed on a dairy farm to continue her life as a working dog. Despite shortness of her stay, those few days were more than enough to make us fall in love with that little creature. Now she enjoys her new home, and Vala, Lyra and me regularly spend part of our walks on the meadow next to Bura's house, playing with her and dogs she lives with.

Memories evolve and get lined like pearls in the necklace in this wonderful life with tornjaks, with my Vala and Lyra, with Bura nearby and perhaps, someday soon, with another tornjak, who knows... because... tornjaks are simply way of life. My way of life for sure.

january 2008., dipl.psih. Lorena Kovačiček, prof.
(translation by surefire)

In the middle of the year 2008. Vala Liburna team got a boost. Saša Komad is an essential part of the show team, his photographs of tornjaks are already widely known, he keeps track of large and small Vala Liburna dogs in which lives is involved from their birth, helps socializing them and simply enjoying in their peculiarities.

Dog team expands, we have young new hopes and some of our dog friends from the beggining of Vala Liburna story are no longer with us. New nice people, owners and co-owners of Vala Liburna dogs as well as our friends who faithfully help us on our journey are big help and support at our work.

june 2011., Vala Liburna team

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