December 25th 2008

December 1st 2008

This weekend was full of excitement for Vala Liburna dogs. All “S” puppies had their exhibition premiere . Sika, Silba, Sjever i Lyra took part on CACIB Zagreb show, and Suton and Svid were part of Danish exhibition. Congratulations to all Vala Liburna puppy owners!

29.11.2008. CACIB Zagreb
- Sika Vala Liburna – very promising
- Silba Vala Liburna – promising
- Sjever Vala Liburna – very promising, took part in BIS puppy
- Kanga (Lyra) – excellent III.

30.11.2008. CACIB Zagreb
- Sika Vala Liburna - promising
- Kanga (Lyra) – r.CAC

- Suton Vala Liburna – very promising
- Svid Vala Liburna – very promising, r.BIS puppy


November 20th 2008
Danish dog magazine "Hunde posten" published article about tornjak breed in which Svid and Suton are mentioned. Suton got the honor to present the breed on the cover of the magazine.
Thank you Ina, Michael and Lene for promoting our breeding and breed!


September 23th 2008
Bura's hips and elbows results came today and she is hip and elbow dysplasia free!

September 20th 2008
All puppies are gone to new families in new lives.
Silba left first and she stays closest to us - just 10 minutes from us in our family, living with my uncle, aunt, cousin, little dog Lo, and bunch of cats.
Sjever left second - to Gerovo, in the middle of the forest,keeping his cat Arthur safe, waiting for the winter and snow and first bear to come near house.
Sika left living with another tornjak - Lord, near Karlovac in Rečica, 10m from river Kupa.
Suton and Svid left far away in Denmark. Suton will live with a berner Nippon, cat Houdine and another little tornjak Reni on the north of Denmark. In the middle of Denmark Svid will spend some time on little animal farm with bunch of berner females, tornjak Rika, lot of cats, one big horse and few ponies, lot of birds and fish tanks.
Puppies with new owners:

Good bye "S" litter and good luck!

September 8th2008
On CAC Pula Bura won her fifth Young Dog winner title and Junior BOB title.

Puppies got their tattoos today so they're ready for new homes.

September 5th 2008
Puppies are 8.weeks old, Silba went to live near to our cousns so she basically stays with us. So we took the rest of the gang to visit her:

August 30th 2008
Puppies are 7.weeks old, got they first vaccine, waiting for tatoos and after that their new owners. Video of past week:

August 23rd 2008
Puppies are six weeks old, papers for litter registration are sent to kennel club and there is first vaccine in front of us.

August 19th 2008
More puppy videos:

August 7th 2008
Puppies are now four weeks old and every day they find a new way to meet the world. Till now they got their first dosage of Drontal puupy for the treatment and control of internal parasites and Frontline spray to neutralize external parasites. They eat on their own, rice, minced meat, meal and milk products. Of course not to forget mother milk. Here is a video as little resume of past week in their lives.

July 27th 2008
Bura took part on CAC Split (July 26th 2008) and 2 x CACIB Split (July 25th and July 27th 2008 and) and won three Young Dog Winner Titles so now she acquired conditions for Junior Croatian champion title.

July 17th 2008

July 11th 2008
Early morning on 10th of July first Vala Liburna litter was born. Meet Svid, Sika, Sjever, Suton and Silba in our gallery. Read more about the litter here.


June 15th 2008
On the night show CACIB Umag (June 14th 2008) Bura has achieved an extraordinary success. Austrian Judge Monika Blaha described her by the following words: "10 months old, good size and structure, good chest, good angulation, growing hair" and gave her titles Young Dog Winner and Junior Best of Breed. This qualified Bura to represent the tornjak breed in junior class in the Best in show program. In a large number of young dogs of different breeds Bura took highly 2nd place and so in the best possible way presented the tornjak breed on this great international show, stepped on the podium and come home with a huge cup.
You can see more pictures of Bura from CACIB Umag 2008 in our gallery.


June 7th 2008
Today's ultrasound examination at veterinarian confirmed Lyra's pregnancy. Puppies are expected around 8th of July 2008. For more information about litter click here.

May 22nd 2008

1st Nacional tornjak championship was held on 17th of May 2008 as part of CAC Tomislavgrad (BIH). Judges Refet Hadzic and Srecko Kukic had the difficult task to choose the best Tornjak among 118 applicants. The winner was a dog Soni owned by Damir Perić from Bjelovar. My dogs did not participate in the exhibition, but much of their relatives participated. So Bura's sister Kosa owned by Tomo Raič (breeder of Lyra and Bura) took highly second place in the competition over 17 young females. Surely it was a special experience to be part of the exhibition, which gathered so many beautiful Tornjaks.

Results are here.

For more show pictures click here.
May 9th 2008
We announce our first litter at beginning of July 2008. For more information about the litter click here.

April 19th 2008

We took part in 7th Tornjak speciality show in Zagreb. Judge Srećko Kukić in puppy class (from 6 to 9 months) described Bura with this words: "Eight months old. Good height, good constitution, in good condition. Good head, complete scissor bite, ears carried well. Good eye color, good neck lenght, straight scapula, good back line, good angulation and good foot stance. Correct movement. Good hair quality." and gave her "very promising" grade.
You can see more pictures of Bura from 7th speciality tornjak show in our gallery.

Movie of dogs in competition for Best of breed title:

Full results are here.
For more show pictures and movies click here.

April 6th 2008
A video for everyone that visits us:

March 19th 2008
In a new book by Mr. Boris Špoljarić "Croatian cynological heritage" that represents Croatian native dog breeds Vala and Lyra found their place. Lyra is presented as young european champion for year 2007, and Vala "earned" her place in presentation of tornjak breed with small picture of her and dalmatian dog Una owned by Gordana Grgat.

March 1st 2008
Bura took part on her first dog show - CACIB Zagreb. In puppy class (from 6 to 9 months) judge Igor Mioč described Bura as:
6 months old female, still in development, feminine head, medium strong bones, good body lines, good angulation for age, correct movement
and gave her "very promising" grade. Bura behaved well in show ring and in crowd. We come home satisfied with Bura's first show.
CACIB Zagreb 01.-02.03.2008. - for other tornjak results click here

february 2008

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