Usually people distinguish dog breeds mostly according their appearance but the fact is that every breed has some specificity, characteristics or special demands that are more important in differentiation than just their appearance. Not every breed is suitable for every person. Our lifestyles or our living conditions sometimes differ with specific breed needs or requirements. Getting a breed that is not in harmony with us can result with an inappropriate union of a dog and a person.

Before getting a dog here are some of questions you should ask yourself: What do you know about tornjak breed? Where did you hear about tornjak? How can tornjak fit in your personal lifestyle? What sort of residence do you have? What type of area do you live in? Do you have a yard? What size is your yard? Is it fenced? Is your fence tall and sturdy enough?

How much daily exercise would you give your dog? How much time will your dog be without human or animal company each week? Do old or invalid people stay with you? Do you have children? Age of the youngest child or regular visiting child, if any? What age group do you belong? How active are you? How energetic should your dog be? How much grooming and other kind of care would your dog receive each week?

Is this your first dog? Do you have a dog at the moment? Are you familiar with some methods of dog training? Which member of your family will spend most time with tornjak? Where should your dog be placed at your home?

Are there some characteristics or behaviors that you would like your dog to have? Are there some characteristics or behaviors that you would like your dog not to have? How does tornjak fit in this description? Are you aware of a chance that your dog can be dominant and sharp?

What do you know about dog diseases? Do you want a dog which will protect your property? Do you want a dog to protect your herd? Do you want a dog for a pet? Is there a possibility to visit some dog shows?

Every responsible breeder should ask you most of this questions and maybe few more even before you start asking your own questions. All this questions have answers that do not have to be right or wrong but it's your responsibility as possible future owner of this breed to think about this questions and try to find the best answer for you and dog.

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